Arts & Culture

Promotion and Development Ltd continues its mission of being a caring corporate citizen, looking after the interests of the community and the environment. Particularly close to our heart was the area of arts and culture which we think is being stifled due to a lack of available funds. At the initiative of our Managing Director, PaD has undertaken to devote on an annual basis an amount calculated at 0.05% of our net assets for the creation of a fund for the promotion of arts and culture. A manager was recruited for the day to day running of the fund which is administered by five independent committee members who together represent the worlds of music, fine arts, literature and performing arts. The objective of the fund is the promotion of excellence in any form of Mauritian art and the propagation of culture in general in Mauritius. We want to encourage up-and-coming talent and provide the necessary framework for them to succeed, including the possibility for them to further their education abroad.