Arts & Culture

PaD has always been committed to the development of arts and culture in Mauritius and has decided to devote on an annual basis an amount of 0.05 per cent of its net assets to the creation of an Arts and Culture Fund. The principal aims of the fund are the promotion of excellence in any form of mauritian art, and the propagation of culture in general in Mauritius. The fund is managed by a committee composed of five independent members, who together represent the worlds of music, fine art, literature and performing arts. An arts and culture manager is responsible for the implementation of the programme approved by the committee.


The ArtIs project undertaken by Promotion and Development Ltd in the field of arts and culture carries with it fresh impetus. It targets our country’s youth eager to create, innovate, compose, question and spark imagination. PaD offers them the opportunity to benefit from a rigorous and high-quality technical training performed by passionate tutors transmitting a particular vision of excellence. The project goes beyond the classical teachings by allowing the young trainees to discover their country – its artistic reality, its patrimony, its history, the contemporary issues, etc – but also the world with a special focus on the artistic practices and the professions they entail. The main concern is to lead them to arise as our island’s new generation of artists.


This is an essential issue in which PaD has chosen to invest. Some thirty young, coming mainly from Port Louis and its suburbs but also from the west and south coast, form part of this project in the field of plastic arts, music and performing arts (dance and theatre).