Caudan Development Ltd

Caudan Development (effective holding of 62.90%) was incorporated as a public company on 17th February 1989. It specialises in the ownership, promotion and development of Le Caudan Waterfront. With the recent construction of the Caudan Arts Centre (CAC) – a landmark artistic and conference venue – Caudan is also engaged in making LCW a vital cultural destination for Mauritians and tourists. Caudan is also endowed with its F&B department which manages the operation of the Café in the CAC as  well as a restaurant in the food court. Apart from this mixed commercial waterfront project, the company also rents out industrial buildings at Pailles and Riche Terre. Caudan Development, via Caudan Security Services, operates in the security business, and is involved in the sale of alarm equipment and the provision of security and property protection services. The company is managed by Promotion and Development.

The Company’s direct wholly owned subsidiaries include Caudan Leisure, Caudan Security Services, and Société Mauricienne d’Entreprise Générale Ltée. Caudan Leisure wholly owns Harbour Cruise Limited and has a 39.2% interest in Le Caudan Waterfront Casino. Caudan Security Services wholly owns Security and Property Protection Agency Co Ltd. Société Mauricienne d’Entreprise Générale Ltée wholly owns Best Sellers.