Corporate Social Responsibility

A Long Term Commitment

Ever since inception, the company has always been committed in providing voluntary support to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and sponsorship to individuals and associations for the promotion of education, arts and culture and sports activities. Other companies within the group have also individually contributed to fulfil their social responsibility. Our subsidiary, Caudan Development, has provided free spaces in the mall for local crafts, exhibitions and cultural and sports events with a view to promote empowerment.

Giving back through Caudan Communauté

The commitment of the group towards corporate social responsibility was further strengthened with the incorporation in 2010 of Caudan Communauté, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to implement the specific CSR programme of the group. Its main responsibilities consist of financing and working closely in partnership with all stakeholders of the community: the public through NGOs engaged in social work, other foundations which have similar objectives and the authorities, namely the National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF).

Caudan Communauté’s Scope of Intervention

The management of Caudan Communauté has been entrusted to a committee composed of representatives of the group to translate the philosophy and vision of the group in all CSR activities.

The field of intervention of Caudan Communauté is as follows:

  • promotion of socio-economic development, including poverty alleviation and the improvement of gender and human rights;
  • promotion of development in the fields of health, education and training, leisure and environment;
  • intervention and support during and following catastrophic events; and
  • undertaking or participation in programmes approved by the NSIF.
Caudan Communauté: Some Highlights

Since its operation, Caudan Communauté has contributed in the following areas namely:

  • Support to vulnerable groups: children, women in distress and handicapped;
  • Education: literacy programmes and training;
  • Health: support to the rehabilitation of patients suffering from mental disorder, inadapted children and fight against AIDS;
  • Human values: fight against corruption;
  • Arts and culture: opportunities for development of talented musicians;
  • Sports: promotion of sports events;
  • Environment: creation of green spaces outside the work place; and
  • Empowerment of women and children.

As part of the requirements of the authorities to set up an annual CSR fund representing 2% of their chargeable income derived during the preceding year, an aggregate amount of around MRs110,000 was entrusted by the Group to Caudan Communauté following the approval of NSIF to reduce the amount payable to the Mauritius Revenue Authority in respect of approved programmes listed below.

Main highlights of our contribution to the CSR programme during the year under review:

  • Action for Integral Human Development – project of ‘Centre D’écoute’ in colleges (School Counseling Unit);
  • Oasis De Paix – Nutrition programme for 50 Children; and
  • Quartier de Lumière – Enhancing the extra-curricular activities of children residing in ‘La Valette’ including educational support.